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My Snatched Shop LLC is the most popular luxury womb wellness spa & holistic health global brand. Our mission is to provide a world-class luxury spa experience, for both our clients & employees; a place where nature, wisdom and personalized care, join to birth womb wellness and overall holistic healing!

Meet The Boss

At My Snatched Shop, our clients always come first! I am Olayinka and since 2018 I’ve offered a unique spa experience in our locally owned and operated salon. I founded this company with women that look like me in mind. After reviewing the statistics of high risk birth rates, miscarriages and  stillbirths in Black American women, I decided to follow my heart as a healer to repair the wombs of my sisters all over the nation. We do things a little differently at My Snatched Shop, so come visit us to become a believer.




1017 N. Central Expy 

Plano, Texas 75075



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